Texas State Library and Archives Commission, Talking Book Program

General Information

Texas State Library and Archives Commission, Talking Book Program
1201 Brazos Street
Austin Texas 1 78711-2927
(512) 463 5458

Brief Description

Regional Library.


Dina Abramson, Librarian, Disability and Information Referral Center, tbp.services@tsl.texas.gov, 512 463 2831

Jaclyn Owusu, Public Awareness Coordinator

Kathleen Walls, BARD Administrator, TBP.BARD@tsl.texas.gov, 512 463 5458

Services Offered

  • Information and Referral
    • Disability and Information Referral Center (DIRC) is available to general public. Staffed by a librarian. Provides information and referrals on a wide variety of health and disability topics.

  • Library Services
    • Reading materials and playback equipment provided free to registered patrons. Reading materials include fiction, popular non-fiction, and magazines. Materials available on digital cartridge, by Internet download, in large print, Braille, and by i-device app. Digital talking book machines provided at no cost. Referrals to other services, such as Learning Ally, Bookshare, and Newsline.

  • Services for Seniors