Spectrios Institute for Low Vision

General Information

Spectrios Institute for Low Vision
Deicke House
Wheaton Illinois 1 60187
(630) 690 7115

Brief Description

The Spectrios Institute for Low Vision (formerly the Deicke Center for Visual Rehabilitation) offers a comprehensive low vision program for people with vision loss. The Spectrios Institute's success is due to a comprehensive program of visual rehabilitation and a highly qualified and caring staff. The program includes:

  • A rehabilitation counselor who assists each patient to understand their eye condition, to set visual goals and learn coping techniques.
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  • An evaluation by a low vision rehabilitation doctor, who determines the amount of useable sight a person has, prescribes appropriate optical devices, and develop their individual rehabilitation plan.
  • A certified vision rehabilitation therapist who instructs each patient in the use of the prescribed devices and daily living skills.
  • As part of the Spectrios program, every patient visits Eye Tec, the Spectrios program of high technology, where computer systems, talking devices and electronic reading machines are available for demonstration and training.
  • Information on safe movement, mobility, and techniques used to walk independently are shared with each person.


Constance Arends, M.S.Ed, R.T.C., Assistant to the Vice President of Development

Lynn Freyberg, Director of Office Services, lef313@spectrios.org

Leah Gerlach, MS, C.R.C., Director of Counseling

Mary Jordan, O.D., Low Vision Rehabilitation Doctor, Director of Children’s Program

Diane Levine, Vice President of Development

R. Tracy Williams, O.D., F.A.A.O., Executive Director, Low Vision Rehabilitation Doctor

Services Offered

  • Assessment
    • Provides low vision, technology and job-site evaluation.

  • Assistive Products
    • Distributes optical devices, non-optical goods, lamps, clocks, sunglasses, CCTVs, computers and software. Products for sale on site.

  • Community Outreach Programs
    • Offers "Seeing is Believing" program, in which low vision services are taken to Illinois schools and devices are prescribed and dispensed.

  • Computer Training/Assistive Technology
    • Provides training in the use of computers, software and CCTVs.

  • Counseling
    • Offers individual, group, and family counseling. Monthly support group.

  • Daily Living Skills/Independent Living Skills Training
    • Provides training in activities of daily living and use of optical devices and assistive technology devices.

  • Low Vision Devices
    • Prescribes and supplies low vision devices.

  • Low Vision Services
    • Provides low vision evaluation and follow-up. Prescribes and supplies low vision devices.

  • Support Groups
    • Has a monthly support group.

  • Travel/Orientation and Mobility
    • Provides orientation and mobility training.