Overbrook School for the Blind

General Information

Overbrook School for the Blind
6333 Malvern Avenue
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1 19151-2597
(215) 877 0313

Brief Description

Transportation is provided by the local school districts.


Marguerite Bradley,Coordinator, Early Childhood Program,marguerite@obs.org

Jackie Brennan, Director, Education and Professional Development ,jackie@obs.org,215 877 0313 ext.215

Durrae Ducret-Delp, Early Intervention Outreach Coordinator,ddelp@obs.org

Maryann Flack,Development Records and Research Associate,Maryann@OBS.ORG,215 877 0313 ext.264

Lynne Joy-Williams,Coordinator of the Early Intervention Services Program,lynne@obs.org,215 877 0313 ext.251

Lauri Leonard,Coordinator, Middle School Program,lauri@obs.org

Helene Marano,Coordinator, Secondary Program,hmarano@obs.org,215 877 0313 ext.278

JoAnn McNamee,Therapy and Orientation/Mobility Services Coordinator,joann@obs.org

Wenru Niu,International Program Coordinator,wenru@obs.org,215 877 0313 ext.339

Todd Reeves,Executive Director/CEO ,Treeves@obs.org

Susan Vaughan,Coordinator, School to Work Program

Services Offered

  • Professional Training
    • Provides in-service training for teachers and teacher aides and staff members.