Extreme Mobility Camps

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Extreme Mobility Camps
3578 Claridge Court
Simi Valley California 1 93063
(805) 501 7231


Bradon Schwarz, Staff, bradon12@gmail.com

Services Offered

  • Recreation Services
    • We use “extreme” sports to empower blind/visually impaired athletes and volunteers to live more fulfilled lives, where seeing doesn’t matter and believing is everything.<br><br> We aim to provide charitable camps for teen-agers and young adults (ages 13-30) who are blind/visually impaired or have other disabilities. These camps are offered at no charge to the participants. All of our camping programs are available on a non-discriminatory basis to such persons regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, religion, disability (unless applicable to qualifications for specific programs) or economic status.<br><br> We offer unique opportunities for the blind and visually impaired to experience. We offer snow-skiing/boarding, cross-country skiing, driving a snowmobile, screaming down the tubing hill, or enjoying a sleigh ride in our winter camping program. One of our summer camps includes surfing, wake boarding, water skiing, tubing, jet skiing and getting a full California experience. Another camp exclusively for the athletes who are capable includes summiting and backpacking to the top of Mt. Whitney. <br><br> XMO is continually growing and expanding, adding new and unique opportunities for the visually impaired. All camp-affiliated events are centered around a Christian atmosphere, yet being Christian is not a requirement to partake.<br><br> Camps are offered at no cost to the participant, dates and locations are available at ,a href=http:/www.xmocamps.org>www.xmocamps.org</a>.