Department of Human Resources, Labour and Employment, Province of Newfoundland

General Information

Department of Human Resources, Labour and Employment, Province of Newfoundland
Office of Employment Equity for Persons with Disabilities
St. John's Newfoundland USA A1B 4J6
(709) 729 5881


Denise Hann-Hicks , Departmental Program Coordinator,, 709 729 2296

Krista Legge, Career Development Specialist,, 709 729 6435

Patrick Molloy, Manager,, 709 729 1325

Services Offered

  • Employment/Job Training
    • Through the Employment and Career Services Division, supports and assists individuals to prepare for, attain and maintain employment by linking human resource and economic development. Programs and services are designed to help individuals research, explore and make decisions about careers, training and job options. The division is supported through internal and external partnerships with others responsible for or involved in human resource and economic development. Clients include Secondary and Post Secondary students, who are provided access to programs designed especially for youth. Through these programs, students can gain valuable professional experience, access supports for education and receive guidance in career planning. People who may be planning to join or rejoin the workforce can use employment and career services to help them reach their professional goals. Employment and career services are provided for those who are interested in researching the current job market or would like to expand on professional training. Employment and Career Services also has programs in place to assist people with a physical or mental disability to address the barriers in the labour market. Programs and Services available include: Career and Job Search Information Services, Employment Counseling Services (for eligible clients), Labour Market Agreement for Persons with Disabilities (LMAPD), Employment (wage subsidy) Programs, Community Partnerships.

  • Financial Assistance
    • Offers the Income Support Program, which is responsible for planning and developing income support policies for citizens of Newfoundland and Labrador. Policies include eligibility criteria, rates of assistance and the provision and availability of services; determining and monitoring the provincial budget for the Income Support Program; working with regional offices and other divisions of the department to support program development and service delivery; providing support and consultation to departmental staff who serve clients; evaluating the impacts of policies and procedures on clients and service delivery and initiating changes to improve services and delivery. Presently, a major initiative is underway to redesign the Income Support Program and delivery system. Clients include individuals or families who have insufficient financial resources, including income and liquid assets, to meet their basic living requirements. Client groups who may require financial support include people living with disabilities, single parents and their children, single persons, childless couples, and two parent families. Services include basic assistance for food, clothing, shelter and other personal needs, such as medical transportation, vision care, dentures, municipal taxes, fuel allowance, special diets, comforts allowance for those in residential settings including hospitals and transition houses, blind persons allowance, single parent supplement, burials and special needs assistance; emergency and disaster services when required by clients and communities; prescription drugs and medical equipment and supplies provided through the Department of Health and Community Services; school books provided through the Department of Education Support Application; workers assist clients or members of the general public to obtain support orders or agreements on behalf of dependent children; referrals to other divisions, departments or agencies when clients are identified as having a specific need such as employment services and personal or family counseling.