Centre for Equitable Library Access

General Information

Centre for Equitable Library Access
1929 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, ON M4G 3E8

Brief Description

CELA is a national non-profit organization established by Canadian public libraries to serve people with print disabilities and to champion the fundamental right of Canadians with print disabilities to access media and reading materials in the format of their choice, including audio, braille, e-text and descriptive video.

CELA acquires, produces, and distributes published works in alternative formats to Canadian public libraries and provides public libraries with advice, training, and information to support their patrons’ access to and use of these collections.

CELA's collections and services are available to patrons with print disabilities who are members of a public library funded to receive its services, either by their province/territory or through a local library subscription.

Eligible patrons of CELA member libraries have access to more than 300,000 items in accessible formats including audio, braille, and electronic text. More than 600 public library systems across Canada are currently members of CELA.

Services Offered

  • Library Services
    • Provides Canadians with print disabilities, and the libraries that support them, access to materials in a broad range of reading materials in the accessible format of their choice.