Eye Care Institute at Western University of Health Sciences

General Information

Eye Care Institute at Western University of Health Sciences
795 E. Second Street
1st Floor, Suite 2
Pomona, CA 91766-2007
(909) 706 3899

Brief Description

The Eye Care Institute is committed to providing access to eye care for everyone in our communities. We offer an interprofessional team approach in providing care for individuals with vision loss with the latest instrumentation and techniques to manage a variety of eye conditions. We work closely with health care providers such as primary care physicians, specialty medical doctors, optometrists, ophthalmologists, pharmacists, occupational therapists, orientation & mobility instructors, vocational rehabilitation counselors, physical therapists, and mental health providers. By working in this model, it optimizes patients' functional outcomes, health, & well-being through collaboration.


Linda Pang, Chief of Vision Rehabilitation Service

Bennett McAllister, Diplomate in Low Vision

Kierstyn Napier-Dovorany, Low vision optometrist

Tina MacDonald, Low vision optometrist/Certified Diabetes Educator

Services Offered

  • Low Vision Services
    • We provide low vision evaluations assessing functional vision in order to determine a rehabilitation treatment plan that will help you learn how to use your remaining vision despite any changes in vision. Vision rehabilitation optimizes your remaining vision with custom designed optical systems, adaptive/assistive technologies, training essential visual skills, and learning modifications in performing everyday activities. People will learn strategies that compensate for vision loss so they can remain safe, healthy, active, and independent. Our interprofessional team approach with occupational therapists, orientation & mobility instructors, physical therapists, vocational rehabilitation, licensed clinical social workers or marriage/family therapists, primary care physicians, and specialty medical doctors allows for improved functional and health outcomes.