Training, Resource and Assistive-Technology Center (TRAC)

General Information

Training, Resource and Assistive-Technology Center (TRAC)
University of New Orleans
2000 Lakeshore Drive
Oliver St. Pe Center/TRAC Building
New Orleans, LA 70148
(504) 280 5700

Brief Description

In collaboration with Louisiana Rehabilitation Services, TRAC was established in 1986 by the late Oliver St. Pe’ as a Center to train people with visual impairments/blindness to use screen-reading software with standard business software (the Training and Resource Center for the Blind). Over the years, TRAC has responded to the needs of the community by expanding its services to serve people with other disabilities including individuals with learning, mobility, hearing, and cognitive disabilities. TRAC is housed in the Oliver St. Pe’ Center on the Lakefront Campus of the University of New Orleans.

TRAC's mission is to improve an individual's quality of life through education and services.

Services Offered

  • Employment/Job Training
    • Offers a variety of services for persons with disabilities including vocational evaluation/career exploration (for the blind), assistive technology evaluations, computer and assistive technology training (individual and group formats), braille, academic review to support workplace literacy, and self-employment preparation.

  • Consultation/Technical Program Assistance
    • Serves as a resource center for teachers, counselors, and employers through an assistive technology resource lab, job site services, and disability awareness training. TRAC's hands-on resource lab gives people an opportunity to view assistive technology products to identify what products might meet an individual's vocational, educational, and independent living needs. Products available for viewing include video magnifiers, screen-magnification software, screen-reading software, auditory reading aids (optical character recognition through scanners/digital cameras and digital talking book players), writing/note-taking supports, braille tools, keyboard/mouse alternatives, voice recognition products, and mobile devices with apps.