Braille Works

General Information

Braille Works
941-942 Darby Lake Street
Seffner, FL 33584
(813) 654 4050

Brief Description

Braille Works is a leader in creating and distributing reading materials for people that are legally blind or have a visual impairment. Specializing in business-to-business 508 Compliant Documents, Braille, Large Print and Audio transcription services. We serve over 7,500 clients in several industries including Restaurants, Healthcare Providers, Financial Institutions, Utility Companies, Government Agencies, Hotels/Resorts, Schools/Universities, Statement Processing Centers, Translation Companies and companies in the Transportation industry.

We're "Making The World A More Readable Place"â„¢ by providing you the means to deliver ADA compliant braille, large print and audio materials for your customers with reading and visual impairments as well as 508 compliant documents.

Give your legally blind or low vision customers rightful access to sensitive and personal information specific to the services they receive from your organization.


Joyce Fioritto, President, 800 258 7544

Lou Fioritto, Vice President, 800 258 7544

Robert Sket, CFO, 800 258 7544

Denise Prophet, Operations Manager, 800 258 7544

Glen Schubert, VP of Marketing, 800 258 7544

Sarah Litchfield, Sales & Customer Relations, 800 258 7544

Jeff Frcho, Webmaster,, 800 258 7544

Services Offered

  • Braille/Electronic/Audio/Large Print Production
    • Alternative Format Transcription Services - Braille, Large Print, Audio and 508-Compliant Documents. Braille Works will help significantly improve your relationship with customers who are blind and visually impaired. Imagine how satisfying it will be for them when they begin receiving your company’s materials in a format they can read themselves. Join the accessibility movement today! Braille Works specializes in business-to-business services and works with most industries including Financial Institutions, Utility Companies, Restaurants, Health Insurance Companies, Manufacturers, Medicare/Medicaid Providers, Transportation Providers, Hospitals, Universities and many more.