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General Information

Read How You Want
Portland, OR 97201
(971) 340 9853

Brief Description

ReadHowYouWant was co-founded in 2004 by electronic publishing pioneers Christopher Stephen and Greg Duncan. When Chris’s sister, who suffers from MS, developed difficulty reading, they began experimenting to determine whether people with reading difficulties could benefit from changing the text format.

After more than four years of testing, ReadHowYouWant has successfully developed award-winning conversion technology that reformats existing books into the widest selection of on-demand, alternative format editions on the market today. Each edition has been optimized for maximum readability. The company’s goals are to make reading easier and more enjoyable by delivering formats that suit the reader and to give people with reading difficulties access to books in the formats of their choice—at an affordable price, and as soon as the book is published. For more information visit


Bradi Grebien-Samkow, Associate Publicist,, 971 340 9853

Services Offered

  • Braille/Electronic/Audio/Large Print Production
    • Books for vision impaired readers in EasyRead 16, 16 bold 18, 20 and 24 pt type, braille, and DAISY.