General Information

242 James Street
P.O. Box 160
Clayton, NY 13624

Brief Description

Braille and Alternate Format provider. Braille business cards, braille and large print production, audio and video services, braille/print labels and specialty items for awareness and fundraising.


Deborah Webster, PICOE,, 800 263 2750

Services Offered

  • Audiodescription
    • Provides audiodescription services for educational, informational, dramatic, training, corporate, or entertainment videos. Also offers open and closed captioning and subtitling services for one-stop video convenience.

  • Braille/Electronic/Audio/Large Print Production
    • Provides transcription and production services for all types of alternate formats to make any kind of documentation more accessible. Alternate formats include braille transcription, large print production, professional audio recordings, and electronic media.

      Documentation to be considered includes brochures; billing; government tests; greeting cards; menus; technical manuals; monthly statements for banks, utility and telecom; safety brochures; train/bus schedules; conference or event programs; employment documentation; corporate documents; newsletters; general interest; letters; promotional materials; children's books; and more.

      Materials for AF may be submitted via e-mail, disk and hard copy. Custom-made services include: maps; ADA, Retro and temporary signage; tactile graphics and a wide variety of promotional specialties that can be used to create interest and marketing impact. Produces braille business cards for all kinds of companies and organizations. Braille on supplied cards can be up to 4 lines with 14 braille character spaces on each line. E-mail or call for an order form.

  • Assistive Products
    • Distributes Braille & Print Q&E Stickers and Braille ToughTags for teachers, office business, hotels, restaurants, advertising, fund-raising, equipment manufacturers and more.