Princeton Braillists

General Information

Princeton Braillists
76 Leabrook Lane
Princeton, NJ 08540-3659
(609) 924 5207

Brief Description

The Princeton Braillists creates tactile maps and drawings for people who are blind. Maps and drawings are created by hand in metal foil, then duplicated by the Thermoform process to make clear, sharp copies. The 11 x 11 ½ inch plastic sheets are bound into volumes with cardboard covers and a spiral plastic binder. A wide range of maps and atlases are available.

All business conducted by mail; information provided by phone or by mail.


Nancy Amick, Chairman, 609 924 5207

Services Offered

  • Braille/Electronic/Audio/Large Print Production
    • Tactile maps: Outline Maps of the World, Atlas of North and South America, Maps of Canada and US, British Isles, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Central and South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Northern Africa, Western Africa, Southern Africa, Eastern and Central Africa, Russia and former Republics, Bible lands (Old Testament), U.S. states: ME, NH, VT, MA, CT and RI, NY, NJ, PA, FL, IL, SC, CA, HI, AK, KS, MI, TX and diagrams of Basic Human Anatomy.