Sun Sounds of Arizona

General Information

Sun Sounds of Arizona
2323 W. 14th Street
Tempe, AZ 85281
(480) 774 8300

Brief Description

Sun Sounds of Arizona provides audio access to information to people in the Southwest who cannot read print due to a disability. Sun Sounds of Arizona has recording facilities in Flagstaff, Tucson, and Tempe, and also serves listeners in Yuma with daily local and national newspapers, magazines, and books. There is no cost to listeners for this service. Volunteers read from Arizona newspapers, The Wall Street Journal and USAToday every day, as well as selections from 200 magazines, newsletters and current periodicals.


Eleanor Mooney, Station Manager,, 928 779 1775

Mitzi Tharin, Station Manager,, 520 296 2400

Services Offered

  • Reading Services
    • Broadcasts 124 audio programs weekly, some subject-focused featuring articles from multiple publications. Publications read include the Arizona Republic, The Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, USA Today. Catalogs also read. Sun Sounds can also be accessed via a dial up service called Sun Dial. Sun Dial brings access on demand to printed and textual information for people who cannot read conventional print because of visual impairment or some other disability. Using a touch tone telephone, an individual chooses from national or local newspapers, grocery ads, text-based web pages, and selects human voice or synthesized audio reading. Broadcasts and links to other printed publications can be accessed through our website.