New England Homes for the Deaf (Aged, Blind or Infirm)

General Information

New England Homes for the Deaf (Aged, Blind or Infirm)
154 Water Street
Danvers, MA 01923
(978) 774 0445

Brief Description

New England Homes for the Deaf, founded in 1901, offers a continuum of care to Deaf and Deaf/Blind seniors, which includes Independent Living, Rest Home, Skilled Nursing Community, Deaf Senior Centers, Inpatient/Out-patient Rehabilitation, and Hospice Care.


Emmanuel Ikomi, Executive Director

Services Offered

  • Recreation Services
    • Offers social and leisure activities for deaf, deaf-blind elderly clients.

  • Low Vision Services
    • Provides low vision evaluation and follow-up. Prescribes and supplies low vision devices.

  • Housing Services
    • Provides residential nursing home residential services for deaf and deaf-blind adults over the age of 50. Nursing, recreational, and low vision services available.

  • Health
    • Nursing services provided.