KSDS, Inc.

General Information

KSDS, Inc.
120 West Seventh
Washington, KS 66968
(785) 325 2256

Brief Description

KSDS, Inc. is a non-profit, 501-c-3 located in north central Kansas. We breed, train, and place assistance dogs. Since 1990, KSDS has placed 504 teams in 32 different states. Our mission statement is to promote the independence and inclusion of people with disabilities as fully participating and contributing members of their communities.


Deb Tegethoff, Training Instructor, dtegethoff@ksds.org, 785 325 2256 ext.233

Kelly Mayer, CEO, kmayer@ksds.org, 785 325 2256 ext.101

Annette Kohlmeyer, Lead Service Dog Trainer/Instructor & Breeding Technician, akohlmeyer@ksds.org, 785 325 2256 ext.111

Services Offered

  • Dog Guide Training
    • The Guide Dog trainer provides dog guide training and assists with dog guide placements. The trainer works closely with the guide student during guide class. Class is three weeks. Black and yellow Labradors and golden retrievers are used in the guide program at KSDS, Inc. Assistance Dogs.