VOICEcorps Reading Service

General Information

VOICEcorps Reading Service
2955 West Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43204-2647
(614) 274 7650

Brief Description

VOICEcorps is a not-for-profit organization. Volunteers read aloud in our studios from daily newspapers, magazines, and other current print. These readings are transmitted over radio, the web and on select local cable systems. Eligible listeners borrow a special radio, use the web, or cable TV to hear the readings. Any medical condition which prevents reading constitutes eligibility. Service has no fee but donations are welcome.


Mark Jividen, Executive Director, mjividen@voicecorps.org

Services Offered

  • Reading Services
    • Broadcasts human-speech readings from newspapers and other sources. Daily publications include the Columbus Dispatch, portions of the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and community newspapers. Monthly magazines and other current print such as grocery ads are also read weekly. Provides a 24-hour audio stream of the radio broadcast through our website. Some periodicals are available to hear on demand on our website.