WestEd Center for Prevention and Early Intervention

General Information

WestEd Center for Prevention and Early Intervention
730 Harrison Street
Sacramento, CA 94107
(415) 565 3000

Brief Description

WestEd CPEI works to strengthen service and support systems for young children and youth with or at risk for disabilities and other special needs and their families. CPEI offers foundational and advanced training at both the preservice and inservice levels, technical assistance to parents and professionals, resource development and dissemination, facilitation services, and interagency support.

WestEd CPEI does not provide direct services to clients. It is a training, technical assistance, and resource development non-profit agency.


Virginia Reynolds, Director, Center for Prevention & Early Intervention (CPEI), vreynol@wested.org

Services Offered

  • Professional Training
    • Provides training related to Parts B and C of IDEA to professionals. Offers foundational and advanced training for early intervention service providers, administrators, and families.