Lions Industries for the Blind

General Information

Lions Industries for the Blind
4126 Berkeley Avenue
Kinston, NC 28504-8321
(252) 523 1019

Brief Description

Lions Industries for the Blind, Inc. (LIB) provides employment opportunities for visually challenged individuals in a work setting that affords both income and dignity to the individual, with no compromise on the quality of the product.
Most products are sold to the Federal Government under the Javits-Wagner-O'Day Act. LIB also provides employment for people with other serious disabilities, such as deafness, retardation, diabetes, and orthopedic problems.


Sharon Axelberg, CFO/Co-Executive Director,

Services Offered

  • Employment/Job Training
    • Provides industrial training in jobs at facility, including sewing, woodworking, assembly. Sells products manufactured (nametapes, mail bags) at website (