The WHRO Voice,

General Information

The WHRO Voice,
5200 Hampton Boulevard
Norfolk, VA 23508
(757) 889 9379


Brief Description

The WHRO Voice is a radio reading service for individuals who are legally blind, have a reading disability or a physical disability which prevents normal reading. The Voice studio is a fully equipped radio broadcast facility as part of WHRO Public Media in Norfolk, Virginia.The WHRO Voice can be received by specially modified (sub-carrier) radios or by live-stream over the internet ( The signal is also provided on selected portable media devices (such as cell phone) using a media application available from WHRO Public Media. It can also be accessed through smart-speakers such as the Amazon Echo or Google Home device. Local daily newspapers are read live in the mornings (Monday through Saturday) and Sunday afternoons. There are also several locally produced book clubs and literary programs as well as a weekly program reading grocery announcements published by area super markets. At other times, audio reading programs from The Virginia Voice in Richmond are simulcasted.


Julie Woodard, Talent Manager, WHRO Public Media,, 757 889 9107

Services Offered

  • Reading Services
    • Local daily newspapers are read Monday through Saturday from 9am to 1pm. and on Sundays from noon until 5pm. At other hours, The Virginia Voice in Richmond supplies listeners with readings from a wide variety of sources including The Wall Street Journal, Reader’s Digest, Smithsonian, and Newsweek. The WHRO Voice also sets aside time to broadcast other locally produced programs such as The WHRO Voice Book Club from 1pm to 3pm each Tuesday and local supermarket ads every Thursday from 1pm to 2pm.