Valentine’s Day Is On the Horizon: Make It Sensory

valentine heart

There are many ways to give that involve your senses. Using all of our senses can maximize our experiences. “Chime” in with your ideas! Here are some suggestions from some of the VisionAware peer advisors.

“The day itself is a multisensory kind of experience and can be made complete with many textures, fragrances and sounds and tastes,” Elizabeth Sammons.

Gifts that Involve the Sense of Smell

Audrey Demmmitt says, “There are many different lines of scented soaps and creams both for him and her in varying price ranges. Also, scented candles can “set the mood”. One of my favorite things a wax warmer-pot that scents the home and gives off light too-I got mine at Walmart and they have a plethora of soothing, yummy scents. The light helps orient me in the room too.”

Gifts that are Tactile

Audrey: “When buying momentos for Valentines, look for things that have special heart shapes that can be felt-such as a coffee mug with hearts indented or raised and fill it with favorite chocolates.”

DeAnna Noriega: “Think about a heart shaped fluffy pillow with chocolates. Hmmmm! Or how about soft and cuddly things like a throw to cuddle under while reading.”

Audrey: Bake heart shaped cookies or a heart shaped cake. Those appeal to many senses! Taste, tactile, smell!

heart shaped cake pan with cake mix

Audrey: I also suggest a couples massage…or if you cannot afford it, give each other a massage! There is nothing better than the gift of touch!

Gifts That Give Auditory Pleasure

DeAnna: “What about music CD’s, music boxes that play romantic songs, or even chiming clocks or windchimes?”

After All the Chocolate and Cookies, Try Fitness

Audrey: “How about his and her Fitbit Flex fitness trackers with the promise to take daily walks together! Or you can get off for free by downloading a fitness app (of course, you may have to buy a smart phone!).

Give a Special Experience

Audrey: “Give an “experience”-an afternoon at the art museum, hike an accessible trail, tickets to a play at a community theater, wine tasting at a local winery or beer tasting at local brewery, dinner at an ethnic restaurant to try a new type of cuisine, take a trip. Check out my blog post, Traveling Blind a Sensory Experience.

Mary Hiland: “Experiences together are the very best gifts.”

Empish Thomas: “Are you dating anyone? If not, now’s the time to start“!

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