Surprises I Didn’t See Coming

Are the holidays causing unwanted anxiety in your life? Too many trees to decorate, gifts to buy, and people to visit? Take a moment to relax and laugh your stress away with these funny vignettes from peer advisor Mary Hiland. Check out the Laughter Is Often the Best Medicine series to keep the good times rolling.

Surprise in the Freezer

Mary looking in her freezer holding a white ceramic dish

Whenever I make a real meal for myself, I have lots of leftovers (as most recipes for casseroles are meant for more than one person to eat). So, I dish out a portion for the fridge and at least one portion for the freezer.

One day last week as I was digging around in my freezer, I noticed a little ceramic dish that I use to freeze leftovers in. I was delighted that I had found buried treasure and set the dish out on the counter to thaw in time for dinner. As I opened the container, expecting chicken, I discovered that once upon a time, I had put some small amount of ice cream in it to make room for a new carton. So there I was, stuck with ice cream for dinner. Only I couldn’t eat it because it had thawed into liquid. Maybe labeling would have been a good idea.

New Trend in Swimwear

I swim twice a week at my local YMCA. Once someone assists me in finding a lane that isn’t being used, I’m on my own for the rest of my time there. Ropes strung along the lane lines give me boundaries, so I can swim laps with confidence. I keep a talking clock at the end of the lane, double-wrapped in freezer baggies, so I can keep track of the time on account of my transportation. My guide dog Dora waits patiently and watches me as I swim up and back, up and back. I just love the feeling of strenuous exercise that is also relaxing.

One morning, as I hauled myself out of the pool and walked over to collect Dora, who was tethered to a bench, a woman came up to me very tentatively. “Excuse me,” she said. “I don’t know how to say this but, um, the back of your bathing suit is worn out. It’s the chlorine.” I reached around and felt nothing unusual, no skin peeking through a seam, no hole in the fabric. I was puzzled. Apparently, when you swim a lot in an indoor pool, the chlorine eats out the color in your suit no matter how careful you are in rinsing it out when you get home. But she insisted that she could see right through the fabric. I was mortified. There I had been, walking around the pool for who knows how many weeks with my behind exposed. Another lady offered to walk very closely behind me as I made my way to the locker room. You can be assured that I got on line and ordered a new suit that very afternoon. The sense of touch just wasn’t enough this time. It’s just like telling someone about a spot on their shirt. We can’t feel it, but you can see it, so please tell us. I had no idea I was walking around with a transparent suit. Remember the story of the king’s new clothes? There will be no picture accompanying this story.

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