Writing Goals Achieved: Peer Advisor Bucket Lists–Sequel Four, Part 1

It’s time for another update as the peer advisors continue to work on their bucket list goals for this year. We’d love to hear how our readers are doing with theirs as well! We have made so much progress on our bucket lists that we have divided this post into two parts! This first post relates to writing. Sequel Four, Part 2 discusses serendipity in finding a home and taking on a new, exciting job opportunity.

Amy Bovaird–Writing Goals

One of my big goals on my bucket list for 2016 was to complete three books this year (What was I thinking?!).

Image of book cover for Cane Confessions, the Lighter Side of Mobility, depicting woman walking with a cane down a dirt lane

“Cane Confessions”

I finished “Cane Confessions: The Lighter Side to Mobility” in late July. It’s the second in my Mobility series, which contains twenty-eight stories with insights and humor about everyday life with my white cane. I was so happy when Ant Press Inc., an international publishing company based in the United Kingdom, picked up my book! We are now working on a mid-November release. My first book, “Mobility Matters,” was published in 2014.

“Don Bovaird”

The second book titled simply, “Don Bovaird: The Tree Man,” which focuses on stories about my father, is in process. He was well-loved and respected in our community. Since this year is the tenth anniversary of his death, I wanted to have it ready for a three-day event our hometown has every year to commemorate his life. But I couldn’t manage it. I am not sure if I can finish by December 17, his birthday, but I will keep you updated.

“Second Sight”

The last book, the third in the Mobility series, is half-completed. It’s called “Second Sight” and focuses on humorous and sometimes pivotal events with my white cane that lend themselves to deeper spiritual insights God has revealed about these situations through my journaling. I will also keep you updated on its progress.

Mary Hiland–Publishing Journey

Mary Hiland standing on a bridge next to a deer statue looking out

You’ve heard of famous writers who have received many rejection letters before they were published and then discovered as great writers? Well, I’m on my way. I’ve finished writing my book, have had it proofread by two friends and have sent it off to several agents and one publisher, who seemed very interested. But today I received my first rejection letter. I’m on my way to becoming famous!

Maxwell Ivy, Jr.— 2016 Amtrak Writers in Residency Program

Maxwell wearing a purple shirt and smiling at the camera

A few months ago I decided to apply to contests where they would provide the funds for me to do the traveling that my heart desired. I wanted to enter skills-based competitions that I might actually win. This led to me submitting applications to many competitions. I applied to the Amtrak Writers In Residency because I love to write. It was a competition based on a combination of your writing sample and your social media networks. I had already written and self published my first book.

Did I really think I would win? Honestly, I didn’t. Was I intimidated by the qualifications of the past winners? Yes I was. Did I let it stop me from sending in the form? Obviously I didn’t because here I am one of only 24 people out of thousands to receive the free trip and the prestige that goes along with it! Read my complete story about this awesome opportunity.

Stay tuned for the next part of this sequel and read some past bucket list posts: Sequel Three, and My Two Bucket Lists