Our Readers Want to Know: Managing Diabetes Medications, Part 2 Tools for Dosing

Editor’s note: Since the earliest days of VisionAware.org, questions about diabetes have consistently ranked high within the top information searches. Since November is Diabetes Awareness Month, we have been highlighting vision issues related to diabetes. One of those is taking ones medications properly. VisionAware has many resources that can help you. We have highlighted some critical information about taking insulin and other diabetes medications. Also, be sure to read Part 1 on Managing Medications.

Dosing Tools

Count-A-Dose insulin measurement device with two insulin vials, credit: Independent Living Aids
  • Dosing tools help to draw up insulin safely and measure accurately. They hold the vial and syringe in place and give auditory clicks to count the correct dose. These products can be helpful if you also have problems with dexterity due to neuropathy in the hands or fingers. Additional information on dosing tools is available in Managing Your Diabetes and in the Taking Medication section.
  • Syringe magnifiers and needle guides are useful tools for people with low vision. They enlarge markings on the barrel of syringes and protect against unwanted needle sticks and bent needles.
  • Supply storage products are also available. There are cases and wallets for carrying preloaded syringes and insulin bottles in cool temperatures for travel or work.

Diabetes is a demanding disease and it requires vigilance on your part. Taking your medications correctly is an important part of controlling your blood sugars. If you are struggling with the tasks of taking and organizing your medications because of vision loss, ask for help from your healthcare team and vision rehabilitation therapist. You can learn ways to make it easier using the right tools and techniques. Create a system that works for you so you can be independent when it comes to taking medications.

Diabetes Guides and Information

What is Diabetes? by Debra Sokol-McKay, MS, CVRT, CDE, CLVT, OTR/L, SCLV.

The Basics About Living with Diabetes by Ann Williams, Ph.D., RN, CDE.

Diabetes and Vision Loss Guide by Ann Williams.

Diabetes Education Series by Audrey Demmitt, RN, BSN, Nurse Diabetic Educator.

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