Humor for the New Year

The Importance of Confidence

by Lynda Jones, CVRT

Confidence is a good character trait to possess. It helps us persist when facing difficulties or gives us courage to accept challenges that may seem a bit beyond our reach. Much of the success of people who are blind or visually impaired comes from confidence that they can face any challenge successfully. On the other hand, too much confidence can lead to some of the most embarrassing moments of a blind person’s life. The women who share the following stories are very independent and confident but would tell you they were a bit too sure of themselves in these situations. Remember, sometimes you’ve just gotta laugh at yourself! But don’t give up! And read some other stories in our Laughter is Often the Best Medicine Series

Always Read the Signs

men's bathroom sign with braille

By Cardellia Cunningham, Vision Rehabilitation Therapist, Alabama

One day while shopping in a big department store, I suddenly needed to go to the bathroom. Having kidney problems, I knew I had to go right then! Using my best cane techniques, I quickly negotiated the hallway where the bathrooms are located and rushed through the door. Keep in mind my vision is limited to light perception and minimal object perception. I honed in on someone washing their hands; then headed for the stalls. My sense of smell also made me think, “Wow, this bathroom needs cleaning.”

My next stop was to wash my hands. Instead of finding the sink, I found a urinal. When I finally walked out, a man—the one who’d been washing his hands–said, “I’ve been guarding the door for you!” Needless to say, I kept on walking!!

Label? Label!!

By Mary Hiland

I’m visiting my daughter and her family for Christmas. Because I travel often, I have many travel-size toiletries and usually label or mark them.

Hi-Marks Tactile Pen

Yesterday, as I tried to apply my liquid makeup, I was frustrated, because it wouldn’t go on smoothly. I was also puzzled by the fact that there was hardly any left in the tube. I was sure I had packed a new tube. Had something happened to it in the flight? I tossed it in the trash and looked in my cosmetic bag to see if I packed an extra one. I found the real tube of makeup and realized that what I was trying to apply on my face was toothpaste! What if I had been successful in smearing that toothpaste all over my face? I would have looked like a clown. Thank goodness I discovered my mistake before I presented myself to the rest of the family!