Grandpa, Can I Ask a Question?

In honor of all our wonderful Dad’s…Happy Father’s Day!

Sitting with his grandpa one day as they looked through a book from the library on the solar system, my 4-year-old son was fascinated by the illustrations. His grandfather pointed out the various planets and their orbits, making comments as they read together. His grandpa said, “Hey, did you know that our planet is the only one in the universe with people living on it?”

My son thought for a moment, then looked up at his grandpa and said, “What about England?”

On another day, my son and his grandpa were reading a book on the history of Aviation. Pointing to one of the captions under an illustration, his grandpa said, “This biplane was built in 1918.”

“Was that the time of the dinosaurs?” asked his grandson.

“No. It was 90 years ago.”

The young boy’s blue eyes widened in complete comprehension, “AH! Just AFTER the dinosaurs!”

My young son was very concerned one year that he may miss out on getting a birthday present as our finances were tight. He told his grandpa, “Mom is getting me a big toy truck for my birthday.”

“That’s great.” Said his grandpa.

“Yeah, but what if it costs $16 and Mom’s only got $5?”

Before his grandpa could reply, he added, “Somebody’s got to bring me a surprise present!”

Many years later, grandpa and my son were having a casual chat when my son made an interesting observation between faith and technology. “God could create the world in six days because he didn’t have to make it compatible with the previous version.”