Blind Bandits on the Run: An Adventure Tale

Editor’s note: As part of our Laughter Series and in honor of our wonderful fathers across the world, here’s an adventure tale for Fathers Day…hold on to your hats – my father doesn’t like to be late for any function, least of all, for a special luncheon we were invited to attend in Melbourne, Australia.

maribel in car with Dad

Cruising the City Streets

“One hour should give us plenty of time to find a car park.” My elderly father chirped as we cruised the city streets of Melbourne in his little car. “We’re way early.” I threw him a smile, keeping visually impaired eyes peeled to the grey city streets as they zoomed by. After forty-five minutes, he couldn’t find one single space anywhere. We drove round and round in the belly of two underground parking lots and then drove round in reverse order, inhaling fumes of panic. We escaped a heated argument with the attendant at a boom gate, my father zipping past which set off a screaming alarm. High-tailing it down a busy city street, he did a u-turn, straight out of some movie car chase and sped off again.

Still No Parking Spot in Sight

Fun ride…not! With his options diminishing by the second, my father was preparing to sell his preserved grandmother in exchange for a park anywhere in this concrete jungle. His foot hit the accelerator and then the brake pedal in syncopated rhythm with his heart beat. I was beginning to think that anyone seeking a terrifying ride should forgo their desire to have a ride on a roller coaster and book a dare-devil parking adventure with my stressed-out father!

Five Minutes to Go

Minutes before the luncheon, he seized on a spot in another parking lot. How to get out of this underground maze posed a new set of blood pressure problems. We had five minutes to get to a building we had yet to locate. Fleeing as fast as we could, like bandits on the run up the stair well of the fire escape, my father and I spilled out onto a laneway. “This way… no, this way…” he called in a blind panic. I thrashed my white cane to keep up, hoping I wasn’t about to collide with a brick wall or whack the shin of an unfortunate pedestrian. I felt like a human tsunami – chasing after my father’s coat-tails that were billowing in the breeze as he whirled in front.

Live Dangerously and Enjoy every Moment

table setting with roses

In the foyer of the right building, I finally got to latch onto his coat sleeve. Pulled along, we skimmed across white floors polished to a mirror finish. I took a running leap, cane first into the lift just as the steel doors closed. “Bing. Thirty-fifth floor”, said the audio announcement as my father gave me a nudge and we stepped clear of the lift together. Special guests, dog guides and staff were mingling in the restaurant room, admiring the view. The long white table was still being fussed over, we had arrived on time. “Care for an orange juice, Sir?” asked a waiter addressing my father. “Why not,” he replied with a smile. “Got to live dangerously, hey? With you, Dad? Always…happy Fathers Day!

Sharing About Our Fathers

Do you have a memorable story or wild adventure to share about your father? What special things do you and your dad do together? Share your thoughts and comments in the section below as we honor our dads on Fathers Day.

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