On Veterans Day: Six Weeks at a Veterans Administration Blind Rehabilitation Center

The front cover of Six Weeks at a Blind Rehabilitation Center

Veteran William (Bill) McGee and his wife Sandra are the owners of BMC Publications. One of their many excellent publications is Learning to Cope with Sight Loss: Six Weeks at a VA Blind Rehabilitation Center, an illustrated 36-page booklet with a companion audio CD.

About Six Weeks

Six Weeks provides an informative personal account of Bill’s experiences when, after receiving a diagnosis of age-related macular degeneration, he made the decision to attend a Veterans Administration (VA) vision rehabilitation program. As Bill says in the introduction to Six Weeks, “Sight loss can be a stressful event in anyone’s life. My objective in writing this booklet is to inform and inspire anyone living with sight loss or low vision to ‘get up off the couch’ and seek help from one of the many VA – and non-VA – blind resources throughout the country.”

Bill shares the benefits he gained, from both the VA program and the other blinded veterans who participated alongside him, and fully explains the scope of vision rehabilitation services he received during his VA rehabilitation program. You can visit the BMC Publications website to obtain a free downloadable PDF text version and hear audio excerpts from the companion CD.

More Veterans’ Resources from VisionAware

Veterans of all ages who are experiencing vision problems can find a wide range of relevant information at Information for Veterans Coping with Vision Loss at VisionAware.org. The resources offered in this comprehensive guide include:

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Our Commitment

VisionAware remains deeply committed to providing veterans’ information and promoting vision rehabilitation services to all blind and visually impaired veterans and their families.