November—a Time of Thanksgiving

We know the end of October brought about very bad times for millions of people and that it is going to take a very long time to get back to normal. But as a nation we have lots to be thankful for, such as the opportunity coming up to vote as a free people, the wonderful generosity of people who have donated time and money to help those in need, and the sacrifices of our military personnel to help keep us safe and secure, to name just a few. We hope you will continue keep the storm victims in mind and, if you can, respond to requests for providing assistance. With that in mind, VisionAware has a section on emergency preparedness. Please share, and add your comments below on additions we should make to it.

During November, VisionAware will be bringing you some exciting new content. We are adding a section on Veterans, in honor of Veterans Day.

November is National Diabetes month. VisionAware and have a great deal of content about diabetes and eye conditions, a guide in English and Spanish and in audio format. Please share this vital information with friends and family. We will also be featuring the Carroll Center as our agency of the month. The Carroll Center will be answering some of VisionAware’s message boards and bringing us a new tip.

Finally, VisionAware is proud to announce that Don Golembiewski, a retired Vision Rehabilitation Specialist from Wisconsin, will be responding to posts on the daily living and home adaptations boards. Please post your questions for Don today! And please join the community, and become involved in asking and answering questions.

We hope that Maureen Duffy, VisionAware’s social media specialist, will soon be able to back online to bring us her always stimulating blogs. She lives in one of the areas affected by the storm and we wish her well.