Learning Braille Solo

Did you grow up reading print and now find yourself not able to read it very well or maybe not at all? Do you miss the freedom that reading gives you? Are you curious about learning to read braille, but have no idea where to start? Well, keep reading for information about a great resource … Continued

Braille Roundup: Reading by the Dots

January is braille awareness month. VisionAware has already celebrated this month and Louis Braille’s birthday with a blog post by Lenore Dillon and a webinar, “Dots or Not”, featuring AccessWorld authors Bill Holton and Deborah Kendrick. But I wanted to tell you more.  There are many misunderstandings about braille. A few years ago, in Four Misconceptions to Learning and Reading Braille, I said, “It’s been my experience, with the occasional exception, … Continued