Self-awareness and Honey: A Recipe for Self-advocacy

Editor’s note:  Be sure to register for our webinar on Self-Advocacy and Low Vision on July 26.  by Melanie Peskoe This July 26th marks the 31st anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Since its passage in 1990, we’ve seen a lot of positive changes in the United States related to how people with disabilities are received in public, private, and online … Continued

What’s She Having?

Editor’s note:  Be sure to register for our webinar on Self-Advocacy and Low Vision on July 26 (ADA’s 31st birthday!)   Have you heard that one before? I bet you have, and I have too! It happened like this. A good friend and I were sitting down to lunch at this wonderful, quaint little place that had received a lot … Continued

Independence Day—the Freedom to Choose to be Independent

Over the years the VisionAware Peer Advisors have observed this holiday by writing about what independence means not only for our country but for people with vision loss. This year, we’re compiling some of their most insightful thoughts.   Angela Whitfield, former VisionAware Peer Advisor, wrote July is a Powerful Month of Independence, observing that, “…We started the month with Independence Day- the day we … Continued

I Found a Sight Loss Support Group! Now What?

Editor’s note: Please join us for a panel discussion, Practical Steps to Independence When You’re New to Vision Loss, on July 7 at 5:00PM ET. To learn more and register please visit our webinars page.   Also, read about our featured support group and agency The Prevention of Blindness Society of Metropolitan Washington DC. Getting Started Breaking the … Continued

Navigating the Gym with Vision Loss

by Marana Vradenburg, Certified Personal Trainer   Imagine all the things you hear when you walk into a gym: people talking, music playing, weights clanging, people running, walking, or climbing on various types of equipment. For someone who is blind or visually impaired a gym can be a challenging space to navigate, especially considering that equipment is constantly rearranged or left … Continued

My Experience Using a Continuous Glucose Monitor

Editor’s note: Be sure to register for our upcoming webinar, Monitoring Your Blood Sugar Levels With Low or No Vision on June 23 from 5:30PM-7:00PM ET, with Marana and Diabetes Nurse Educator, Kim Ladd.  Kim has also written a blog post, How You Can Monitor Your Blood Sugar Levels with Low or No Vision – VisionAware. By Marana Vradenburg, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist My diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes came … Continued

Book Review of “When You Can’t Believe Your Eyes”

The title of the book When You Can’t Believe Your Eyes: Vision Loss & Personal Recovery immediately grabbed me. My curiosity was peaked because when you are dealing with a visual impairment you honestly can’t believe what you are seeing all the time. In my 20+ years of total blindness, I have learned to depend on everything else but my vision such as my other senses, … Continued

Keeping It Open and Honest: My Take on Vision Loss

By Bill Boules  I first want to say how much of an honor it is to be writing this post for the APH ConnectCenter. The American Printing House for the Blind (APH) has been with me throughout my life providing support for the things I have needed most. Every time I opened a book, whether large print or braille, I found the name of this amazing organization as the first thing … Continued

Celebrating Mother’s Day as a Blind or Visually Impaired Parent

Editor’s Note: All of us at VisionAware wish mothers everywhere a happy Mother’s Day. Over the years, the peers have written a great deal about Mother’s Day and being a blind or visually impaired mom, and we wanted to share some of their stories. Deanna Noriega–Review of Daddy Won’t Let Mom Drive a Car With … Continued

Exploring International Travel Opportunities for People with Vision Loss: Part Two: Venturing Into the International World

Editor’s note: This post is part of our international travel series. Be sure to read Part One to find out about “traveling” from the comfort of your armchair.  Also, read Elizabeth’s fascinating and related article on thinking through your best way to visit the world. The Big Picture   Here are several questions essential to ask before planning any type … Continued