Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving was my favorite day of the year when I was growing up. Every year my grandma (mom’s mom) had Thanksgiving at her home. I can’t say Thanksgiving dinner, because it wasn’t just dinner – it was an all-day event. Journey back with me if you will to a time when there were no cell … Continued

Consumers Want to Know: How can I Test My Blood Sugar and Give Myself Insulin When I am Visually Impaired?

In Part 1 of this series I discussed good diabetes management. In this post, Kim Ladd, RN, BS, CPHQ, CDE, who works for the Virginia Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired as a diabetes educator, shares the “thumb-guide technique” she developed and states, “Many people with low vision or no vision are successful in … Continued

Consumers Want to Know: How Can I Manage My Diabetes with Vision Loss

Many people with diabetes are living with some degree of vision loss caused by their disease and this can make diabetes self-care more difficult. The American Diabetes Association estimates that 12,000 to 24,000 people in the United States lose their vision to diabetic retinopathy each year. Diabetes also raises the risk of developing cataracts, glaucoma, … Continued

November is Diabetes and Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month

Editor’s note: VisionAware will be offering a webinar on November 30 at 3 p.m. eastern on Monitoring Your Blood Sugar and Using Insulin When You Are Visually Impaired. Also, Audrey Demmitt, RN and VisionAware peer advisor, will be writing a blog post on the topic of taking insulin. The Vision Rehabilitation Therapist and Diabetes Management … Continued

How to Vote during a Pandemic

It is time to vote again for our nation’s President and other governmental officials. But this year is like no other we have seen before because we are in the midst of a pandemic. This means advance planning, preparing, and thinking more strategically about how you will cast your ballot as a blind or visually … Continued

Don’t be a Statistic. Prevent a Fall.

This year, the United States observes Falls Prevention Week September 21 to 25. Why is this important to readers of VisionAware? Did you know that 46.7% of adults aged 65+ with severe vision impairment fell vs. 27.7% of those without severe vision impairment (Crews, Chou, Stevens & Saaddine, 2014)? What Can You Do to Avoid … Continued

Rising Phoenix film from Netflix, image of 3 athletes with disabilities, silhouettes

Documentary on the Paralympics Coming to Netflix

If you haven’t heard of Rising Phoenix yet, you will be hearing more about it in the coming days, weeks and months. In this Netflix documentary, “elite athletes and insiders reflect on the Paralympic Games and examine how they impact a global understanding of disability, diversity and excellence.” But it’s not just a story of … Continued

Older Individuals who are Blind Technical Assistance Center: A Resource for All

By Sylvia Stinson-Perez The Older Individuals who are Blind Technical Assistance Center (OIB-TAC) is focused on agencies promoting independence, community involvement, and the well-being of older individuals who are blind. It is a part of the National Research & Training Center on Blindness and Low Vision (NRTC). The OIB-TAC provides a variety of training and technical … Continued