A Grandma’s Thoughts

Editor’s note: This post is part of the Blind Parenting series created to provide visually impaired parents and grandparents with first-hand accounts of how you can raise a child safely and independently. In today’s post, Mary Hiland shares the importance of teaching children how to interact with individuals who have low vision and how to … Continued

A Day at the Races with No Horses

Editor’s note: This is part of our ongoing series on Laughter Is Often the Best Medicine. The contributors to this series hope their vignettes provide a chuckle, an "aha moment," or dispel myths about visual impairment for all readers. Enjoying Horse Races Since Childhood Whenever I think of the Kentucky Derby, I am reminded of … Continued

What You Can Do to Prevent Identity Theft

Editor’s note: Continuing with Financial Literacy Month, Mary Hiland offers tips on what she does as a blind person and informed consumer to protect her identity. Preventing Identity Theft, An Impossible Mission? Preventing identity theft seems to be an impossible mission because the thieves, i.e. hackers, are a whole lot smarter than I am. But … Continued

Be A Bucket List Buddy

Here’s a twist on making a New Year’s Resolution. Oh sure, we can still make those promises to ourselves to lose weight, exercise more, eat more veggies, and engage in any number of self-improvement projects. But what if we added a goal to be accomplished by the end of 2016? It might be something practical … Continued

Finding My Voice: Overcoming My Fears of Singing in a Cantata, as a Blind Person

Editor’s note: This past week’s posts have covered many aspects of dealing with loneliness and depression during the holidays in a positive way. In this in-between week between Christmas and New Year’s, many of us start to think about what “resolutions” we should make. In this post, Mary Hiland discusses what she did to make … Continued