Introducing Stuart Carduner, Glaucoma Patient and Advocate

Editor’s note: Just in time for World Glaucoma Week, VisionAware is introducing a new Patient’s Guide for Living with Glaucoma, written by a person who has glaucoma from his perspective. By Mary D’Apice, VisionAware peer advisor Author of Patient’s Guide to Living with Glaucoma Is Both Patient and Advocate Stuart Carduner, author of the Patient’s … Continued

A Matter of Balance: National Program Helps Overcome Fear of Falling

Prevention of Falls National Fall Prevention Day is coming. Prevention of falls is of critical concern to people with vision loss. Also, many older adults fear falls because of the risk of serious injury. Unfortunately, the fear can be equally debilitating when a person begins to restrict their activities, leading to social isolation, physical weakness, … Continued

Movie Fan with Low Vision Gives Audio Description Positive Review

What is Audio Description Audio Description, a narration service that helps people with visual impairments enjoy movies, has been around for decades. But recently, the availability of audio description has increased exponentially thanks to the advocacy efforts of many disability organizations. An initiative of the American Council of the Blind (ACB), the Audio Description Project … Continued

When the Eyes Play Tricks: Charles Bonnet Syndrome Explains Visual Hallucinations in Those With Visual Impairments

Editor’s note: Information about Charles Bonnet Syndrome is of major interest to our visitors. It is often misunderstood by people experiencing the visual hallucinations and by professionals. So Mary D’Apice, VisionAware peer adviser, decided to share Dolores’s story to enlighten readers. Visual Hallucinations One night, 75-year-old Dolores woke up to find a huge tree growing … Continued