Teaching Courage on International Day for People with a Disability

Editor’s note: What can we write using the letters of the word “ABILITY” on this special day celebrating our talents and skills on International Day of Persons with Disabilities? The answer is two posts! This is the second post in the series offering encouragement to focus on how we help teach courage by being our … Continued

When Your Visual Impairment Isn’t Visible

The Temptation to Pretend We Don’t Have a Disability In honor of Invisible Disabilities Week, which falls from October 18 through October 24, I decided I would share a few thoughts about the temptation to pretend we don’t have a disability. What Is An Invisible Disability? According to the Invisible Disabilities Association, “the term invisible … Continued

Lessons My Dog Guides Have Taught Me: Part Three

Editor’s Note: We continue to celebrate National Service Dog Guide Month. This post is Part Three of Deanna’s tribute to her nine dog guides and the lessons they have taught her. Be sure to read Part One and Part Two. Olsen–Getting Attention At the Highest Levels During the 2008 election campaign, I attended a town … Continued