Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving was my favorite day of the year when I was growing up. Every year my grandma (mom’s mom) had Thanksgiving at her home. I can’t say Thanksgiving dinner, because it wasn’t just dinner – it was an all-day event. Journey back with me if you will to a time when there were no cell … Continued

Thanksgiving Made Easy for a Single Visually Impaired Hostess

Most Interesting Thanksgiving Memory No smoking and no football. Those were the ground rules I had laid down for my Thanksgiving dinner in 1992. Everybody has a favorite Thanksgiving memory and a worst Thanksgiving memory, but here’s my most interesting one, and well, maybe the most fun. Newly divorced, I decided to host a Thanksgiving … Continued

Thanksgiving and My Membership in the Sandwich Generation

As we enter the Thanksgiving season, this post about family caregiving and family values and traditions is particularly relevant. This post is also part of our Sandwich Generation Series. Three Generations in the Home As in most family interactions, there are more smiles than teeth grindings in being a grandparent who is called upon to … Continued

A Festive Thanksgiving Cocktail with Low Vision and Blindness Adaptations

As the holiday season approaches, creative drinks and cocktails are in demand! We especially like this non-alcoholic, easy-to-assemble drink – along with adaptations for our favorite blind and visually impaired “mixologists.” Apple Cider Milkshake From MaryBeth at Dunkin Cooking the Semi-Homemade Way (used with permission), who says this about the Apple Cider Milkshake: “I highly … Continued

Cooking for the Holidays When You Are Blind or Visually Impaired

Whether you’re making a meal, taking a dish to a party, preparing treats to have on hand if visitors drop in, or creating gifts to please the palette, with proper planning these don’t have to be holiday stressors!  What to Fix   With low or no vision, what is your skill level?  By evaluating what you can easily do, you can … Continued

Part 1: VisionAware Peers Demonstrate the Relevancy of Braille in the 21st Century For People Who are Blind or Visually Impaired

Caption: Writing Braille with a Slate and Stylus Trina Bassak Trina is a physical therapist. She described the results of a 3-way call between herself, Jeannie Johnson, and myself on the use of slate and stylus. “It came up because of my dismay in braille labeling and lack of options,” Trina said. “I really was … Continued