Braille Roundup: Reading by the Dots

January is braille awareness month. VisionAware has already celebrated this month and Louis Braille’s birthday with a blog post by Lenore Dillon and a webinar, “Dots or Not”, featuring AccessWorld authors Bill Holton and Deborah Kendrick. But I wanted to tell you more.  There are many misunderstandings about braille. A few years ago, in Four Misconceptions to Learning and Reading Braille, I said, “It’s been my experience, with the occasional exception, … Continued

The Joy of Reading While Waiting Out COVID-19

More Talking Books, please! Reading and Vision Rehabilitation Therapist (VRT) Awareness Week got me thinking about Anne Sullivan, born 154 years ago, on April 14, 1866. As one of the pioneer VRTs, what might she do if she could not meet with her clients face-to-face? She might tell them about the National Library Service (NLS) … Continued

Reading to Enhance Mental Health and Well–Being

By Audrey Demmitt, R.N. and VisionAware Peer Advisor Reading As a Healing Experience Most of us become readers at an early age and discover the wonders of a good story. We learn to interact with books in order to learn and grow. Characters come alive to us as we relate to their experiences. Sometimes reading … Continued

Reading, Writing, and Vision Loss

Most of us take our reading and writing abilities for granted until the onset of visual impairment. After all, literacy is a key to personal independence and access to information. If you’re losing your vision, one of your greatest concerns may be the possibility that you can no longer read. Fortunately, there is an ever-expanding … Continued

Options for Reading on the Internet with a Computer

by Steve Kelley, CVRT One of the most common challenges people with visual impairment report, is reading on the computer after a change in vision. Computer users accustomed to accessing the computer without the need for magnification, often have no idea what resources are available for low vision computer users. Clients are often pleasantly surprised … Continued

Options for Reading Print with Vision Loss

By Steven Kelley, CRC, CVRT Reading Is Fundamental! Do you remember the television ads featuring this phrase for what was, at the time, a federal program to get kids reading more? Perhaps more importantly, you understood the message that reading is a springboard to learning and one of its basic building blocks. Imagine the disappointment … Continued