Instant Pot: A Tool for the Blind or Visually Impaired Cook

The Instant Pot, a Magnificent Obsession This would make an excellent gift. The Instant Pot is one of the latest cooking crazes, and with good reason! Actually, it is just one of many brands of a small kitchen appliance called a multicooker, a single product that can perform the jobs of many. The main function … Continued

Gift Ideas for People Who Are Blind or Low Vision

Over the years, the VisionAware peer advisors and contributors developed an awesome list of gift suggestions for individuals who are blind or low vision. If supporting business-owners or creators who are blind or low vision interests you, check out our blog, published on FamilyConnect, Holiday Gifts: Supporting Authors and Business Owners who are Blind or Low vision. Consider these … Continued

Celebrating Our Mothers on Mother’s Day, No Matter the Distance

This is an especially bittersweet Mother’s Day while social distancing is still in effect. The VisionAware Peers share warm thoughts of mothers and celebrate their meaning in our lives, across the miles, across the years, or just six feet away! Flowering My Children on Mother’s Day by Maribel Steel At this time of uncertainty, while … Continued

Healthy Eating with Diabetes: Part 4 in a Series

Editor’s note: Audrey Demmitt, RN, BSN, is a Diabetes Nurse Educator, VisionAware Peer Advisor, and author of the VisionAware multi-part blog series on diabetes and diabetes education. In this post, Audrey discusses twelve general guidelines to improve eating habits with diabetes and the importance and benefits of healthy eating as part of a comprehensive diabetes … Continued

Seven Reasons for Blind or Low Vision Readers to Love Your Local Public Library

  February is National Library Lovers Month focusing on reading and the institutions that provide books. It is a time to honor and recognize the important role that libraries play in our communities. For those of us who are blind or low vision and enjoy books, there are three libraries that provide access to great … Continued

Google’s Lookout App: Your Android Swiss Army Knife

You’ve heard about Microsoft’s Seeing AI App, and all the cool stuff it does on the iPhone: it reads printed text, scans labels, describes scenes, and more! But what if you have an Android phone and Seeing AI doesn’t run on Android? Well, now the wait is over for the Android version. Google’s Lookout app is here with many of the same features, just a tried-and-true Swiss Army knife, Lookout has many useful tools.  Opening the App  Until recently, Lookout … Continued

Searching for Those Elusive Magic Glasses

What Are Magic Glasses? Show of hands or better yet, clap if you like to make fundamental changes in the way you do everyday, daily living activities! Are you one of those folks who relish the idea of throwing away the computer mouse and trackpad to rely solely on keyboard shortcuts to do your work? … Continued

Smart Speakers: How They Can Help People with Vision Loss

In a very short period of time, a whole new genre of devices has evolved called, "smart speakers." It started with the Amazon Echo a couple of years ago, spread to the Google Home, and now, there is the Apple Home Pod, the Sonos One, and more. The major differences are in the sound quality, … Continued

Eyes Wide Open: Isaac Lidsky’s Philosophy and Learning How to “See” More Clearly

Editor’s Note: During Vision Rehabilitation Awareness week, we continue to bring you stories about the importance of the array of vision rehabilitation services that are available to help people new to vision loss. Isaac Lidsky’s Story Isaac Lidsky left to get an espresso a few blocks away from his house in residential Washington, DC. He … Continued